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K-8 Academics

 LMS uses a curriculum inspired by classical education and guided by and aligned to the Common Core and Ohio Department of Education standards for education.


Our religion curriculum seeks to share the Gospel message of Jesus with children who are largely un-churched and new to religious instruction. The Voyages curriculum is used and the guiding resource is the Holy Bible. Students begin by learning basic stories of the Bible and memorizing foundational scriptures.  Throughout the year, knowledge is gained, questions are answered and applications to “real life” are discussed. Through the Holy Spirit, many are led to a deeper relationship with Christ and are welcomed into His family through baptism.

Language Arts

Our classical focus emphasizes the use of high quality literature and an extensive phonics base to teach children to read independently. Children in K-3 use the “Johnny Can Read” program developed by Alice Nine.  All children read books and novels as a class and also participate in Accelerated Reader for independent reading and growth. Grammar, spelling and the mechanics of writing are taught as separate skills but are also integrated with book/novel studies in all grades.  The middle school employs a shared-inquiry model of instruction, making use of The Great Books series of multicultural short stories. 


History is taught in the context of time and through a Christian worldview. Beginning in the 2nd grade, students travel through history by focusing on a time period for an entire year. This aids comprehension and allows for deep understandings of history and how it relates to culture and progress over time. Students also demonstrate understandings of geography by learning the names, locations and major events associated with the continents, major countries and cities of the world, and the States and Capitals of the United States. Students in Kindergarten learn history through the major holidays and seasons of the year and 1st graders learn “famous people of US history.” Veritas Press and The History of US are guiding resources for the curriculum.


Latin is the root of all European language, including English. Knowledge of Latin increases vocabulary, reading and grammar skills. For this reason, students begin study in 3rd grade and progress through a variety of texts as they move through the grades.


Through the study of mathematics, students gain an appreciation for the order and structure of God’s world. Concepts of mathematics are taught through a thematic approach that relates the subject matter being taught to real-world situations. An emphasis on numeracy and basic facts is important to building a foundation for higher levels of application. GO Math is a resource for this curriculum along with Accelerated Math which individualizes instruction for each child, making use of technology.


Science is taught through inquiry and project-based experiments. The scientific method is the driving concept of the curriculum.  Harcourt and Holt texts, which emphasize experiments and the scientific method, are used at all grade levels. The middle school dives deeper into the worlds of Life, Earth, and Physical sciences.

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