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Nicole Levy Executive Director and Principal - Main
Nancy Jo Creutz Preschool Teacher - Main
Mary Snider Kindergarten Teacher - Main
Jillian Mlinarik 1st Grade Teacher - Main
Sarah Bakata 2nd Grade Teacher - Main
Melissa Vodicka 3rd Grade Teacher - Main
Shannon Leary  4th Grade Teacher - Main
Missy Beckman 5th Grade/Upper Grade Religion - Main
Tabitha Halcomb 6th-8th Grade LA and History Teacher - Main
Dave Gaglione    6th-8th Grade Math and Science Teacher - Main
Marty Beckman Principal and 7th/8th Grade Teacher - West
Heather Smith Kindergarten Teacher - West
Carrie Royster 1st/2nd Grade Teacher - West
Mike McDermott 3rd/4th Grade Teacher - West
Tammy Szoyka 5th/6th Grade Teacher - West
Genevieve Gilbert General Music, Orchestra Director
Jan Cox Business Administrator
Peggy Sexton   Development Director

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